Are your practitioners qualified and insured?

All our practitioners are heavily vetted by our company Agility Healthcare Ltd prior to them commencing work with us.

We make sure they have the qualifications to perform the tasks they have been asked to do. Most of our practitioners are qualified to degree and higher degree levels (ie. BSc (Hons) and MSc).

All our practitioners are covered by their own public liability and malpractice insurance, but we, as the employer or contractor, also have a clinic insurance policy in place to cover any further issues that may arise.

How quickly can I be seen?

On average, we can get you seen by one of or practitioners within 48 hours. Of course, in an emergency, we will try and get you seen on the same day of your call.

Please be aware that some practitioners are extremely popular and do have waiting lists running into weeks. The best analogy we can give you here is; you would expect to wait for a good builder, plumber, electrician, so why would you expect practitioners be any different.

Do I need a Doctors / Consultant referral?

We regularly receive referrals from Doctors and Consultants, however you DO NOT need to wait and be referred to us (unless specified by a Private Health Insurance company).

Most conditions can be assessed and treated by us without consent from a Doctor or Consultant but we are happy to liaise with them if you wish. The quicker you see us, the quicker you get results on most occasions.

What if I need to make a complaint about my visit to your clinic?

If you are not happy with your visit to us, for any reason, we would be pleased to hear from you. You are free to call the clinic and ask to speak with the Practitioner, Group Practice Manager or Clinic Director.

If you feel uncomfortable speaking to us, please write to us at the clinic address and we will respond accordingly.