Payment and Cancellations Policy


We accept card and cash payments only in the clinic. American Express cards and Cheques are NOT accepted at the clinic due to their payment processing charges. Bank transfers / Paypal will only be accepted if previously acknowledged as acceptable payment by clinic owner.

Cancellation Charges & Non Attendance Charges

The minimum cancellation period for appointments is 48 hours. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment, you may be charged in accordance with our cancellation policy that is explained to you at the time of booking (over the telephone) or whilst booking online. The fee charged will be the equivalent to the appointment you had booked (eg. New Patient with Dean Dickinson).

You will be sent an invoice by either email or post. Failure to pay your debt within 7 working days will result in a £40 administration fee being added to the account. It will then be passed onto P&J Debt Consumer Services, who will recover the costs from you. Failure to pay will most likely result in a County Court Judgement (CCJ) being applied against you.

If you intend to pay via A private health insurance policy. Ultimately you are responsible for the payment of our fees regardless of the arrangement you have with your insurer. Please be aware that if your insurer fails to make the full payment, you will be liable to a 40% fee (of your overall debt to us) being added to your account before it is passed onto P&J Debt Consumer Services.

Health Insurance

Therapists consulting at/for Agility Healthcare Ltd and it’s are recognised by all major health insurers. Patients should always confirm the terms of their policy with their insurer before coming to their first appointment as the timing and method of referral must comply with the insurer’s policies.

Patients are asked to settle any insurance excess within 7 days of notice being sent. Insured patients are asked to bring insurance policy numbers and authorisation numbers to the clinic at their first visit or within 7 days.

Where the patients are insured by a recognised insurer AND patients have provided the appropriate policy details to the clinic, Agility Healthcare Ltd will seek payment directly from the insurer for 2 months following treatment. If payment has not been received by this time, patients will be asked to settle account within 7 days and pursue their claim with their insurers. Agility Healthcare Ltd cannot be held responsible for the non-payment of claims and patients should note that they are ultimately responsible for payment of their accounts. Therefore. if the insurer does not settle your account you will be invoiced the total amount owing.

In summary, we therefore ask you to be familiar with your Private Health Insurance (PHI) contract and;

  • Be fully paid up and valid members of your chosen PHI company with a current authorisation.
  • That you confirm your level of coverage and details of your excess payment for which you are personally liable with Agility Healthcare Ltd. prior to commencement of your treatment.  You, the patient, must agree in writing to pay these fees personally up front.
  • You have a valid pre-authorisation number and must commence physiotherapy within two calendar months of the date of the pre-authorisation.
  • You keep a note of your number of sessions you have been granted for physiotherapy/osteopathy by sessional number.
  • Fill in a customer satisfaction questionnaire by your PHI company when given the chance.