Why ‘HIT’ing the gym is killing you!

Why ‘HIT’ing the gym is killing you!

I actually could not have explained it any better than what is in this blog. I have been saying for along time that the current trend in exercise is actually making people unhealthy. There is a big mis-conception that being fit means your being healthy. Im afraid its often the complete opposite. I would encouraging anyone that exercises rather than moves to read this.

In the week that a young 27 year old welsh rugby player died at training likely due to exercise induced hypertrophic cardiomyopathy leading to a Heart Attack. This article adds to the reasons why this may be happening more often. In a paper by Wasfy et al in 2016 the mechanisms of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) is discussed in great detail. I here you say these are highly tuned athletes……AND! The reality SCD will occur more regularly in the general population that over exercises as they will have more ‘life stress’.


Just remember Health & Fitness are not the same. In previous years I operated clinics within gym where the company slogan was ‘Health & Fitness’. Whilst working there early in my career, I saw some serious fit people but they were seriously unhealthy and some serious healthy people that were not fit.


I remember a lovely lady who would get up at 5am every week day, go the to gym for 6am opening and would do a 45 minutes spin class without eating or drinking anything. She would skip breakfast and eat a sandwich and banana for lunch. She would then drink 4 cups of coffee in preparation for her evening work out. She would leave work and go straight to the gym. She would then do an hours Body Pump Class followed by an hours Spin or HIT class. For dinner at 9pm she would have a cuppa soup! Topped off with a load of booze Friday and Saturday nights.

She came to see me when she tore her calf muscle after a year of living like this. She would literally bounce in on adrenalin. She had a six pack and looked great under the fake tan and make up. Take it off an she looked grey and malnourished!

I explained she she was not eating properly to train this way, she may be fit now but her body was breaking down because it wasn’t healthy. Her food, relaxation and sleep were non existent with huge amounts of stress from a very stressful job in the city and family problems. She let me treat her calf but she wasn’t listening to my lifestyle advice. After 6 weeks she recovered enough to return to exercise. Warned her she would be back…….

She lasted 9 weeks. The calf had gone again, this time going up the stairs. However this time she admitted she was feeling like she had the flu constantly. She literally had no energy and gone off work with ‘stress related disorder’ as worded by her GP.


Luckily her GP has already started to run blood tests to look at her Thyroid, Vit D and Anaemia markers. They all came back way out. I ran a 24 hours Adrenal Stress profile test which was the worst I have seen to this day. I treated her calf back to health and she went to see our Nutritionist in the clinic. After 6 weeks her calf was back to normal. She stopped going to the gym and went under a diet plan devised for her. She started to walk, swim, breath, do yoga, drink water and eat five meals a day.

In a twist of fate I hardly saw her again in the gym. She wasn’t there when I was or had she disappeared off the radar. The reality is I saw her 6 months later. She was unrecognisable, she had ditched the fake tan, most of the make up, had put on some weight and had colour to her face. Even though she was not completely recovered but was well on the way. Her addiction to the gym had been broken and she was recovering. She told me that her Adrenal Stress test was much improved and that she was relaxing, sleeping and eating well. Remember Health is Wealth!

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