Just a quick ‘Hi’ from Carla Hole, Senior Registered Osteopath

Just a quick ‘Hi’ from Carla Hole, Senior Registered Osteopath

I love the diversity of osteopathy – we all pretty much start with the same anatomical and physiological setup but individually we all work differently.  Two patients can present with an identical injury on paper, yet what they need to get well and how they respond to the treatment can be completely different. Multiple factors can influence us, such as:

– What does that patient need their body to do?

– What is the patients diet like?

– Are they under much stress now?

– What is the age of the patient?

– What series of events has lead that patient to this moment in their life?

And this is what I love about my work, it’s like piecing together a puzzle not only from the information the patient tells you but also from the parts they don’t mention, bits of information that are gleaned from taking a case history can be important to the treatment, yet often the patient doesn’t or hasn’t seen the relevance. Sometimes this information can only be found during the physical examination – by palpating how their joints move, their muscle tone and the general health of the tissues can give me lots of information about what could have caused this patients symptom.

Often you can detect issues in the body by palpating the spine and the surrounding tissues.

It is my job to get information about the patient from the case history and the physical examination, to put it all together in order to draw a conclusion as to what I think has caused their symptoms. Planning the most effective treatment for each person and seeing the results and the huge difference osteopathy can make to the quality of someone’s life makes me passionate about my profession!


Carla Hole MOst.

Registered Osteopath

Carla is one of our Senior Osteopaths and is happy treating all ages using a range of techniques used in Classical & Cranial Osteopathic Practice



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